Do You Have a Foot Fetish

One of the most common fetishes us girls at of come across is the humble foot fetish. I am not sure how long the foot fetish has been with us, but I think that it may have been around for thousands of years. On a recent visit to a hedonistic Roman temple in Italy, I came across some murals depicting a woman sucking a man’s toes. I  have lost count of how many times I have had to deal with a foot fetish.


If you have a really bad foot fetish, there are several ways in which you can deal with it. Sure, you can tell your hot girls from your local agency all about it, but that is not all. Fetish parties are all in in London, and you can even attend foot fetish parties if you are that way inclined. I have not been but a couple of my friends at have been and they say that the parties are really good.


Having a foot fetish is not something that you need to worry about. Most are prepared to deal with foot fetishes. For instance, I always make sure that I keep some nice foot cream and wipes around. As most girls know, men tend to have rather smelly feet which can cause a problem. Before I indulge anyone’s foot fetish, I make sure that they have nice and clean feet. I think that most do the same thing.


You should also make sure that you have some nice clean towels around. I invested in a foot spa that I use at just in case I end up on a date with a gent who wanted a complete pedicure. If you work for a agency and find yourself in that kind of situation, it is always important to have the right tools handy to ensure that the date runs smoothly.


What else do you need to know? I have met some men who have got some really kinky ideas when it comes to foot massages. A couple of weeks ago, I met this guy in a pub who wanted me to massage his feet with a vibrator. I thought I had heard and seen it all during my time at, but there are apparently some really kinky guys out there. I thought they all liked to date, but apparently, from what I have learned recently, not all men with foot fetishes date Some of them hang around pubs and bars hoping to come across the right kind of girl to help them with their foot fetish. Fortunately for them, I have a bit of a foot fetish myself and I don’t mind helping them out. That is as long as they don’t mind helping me out, and I have to say that I have been lucky so far.


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