Relevancy Of Luxury Brands

The world is packed with luxury brands. Do we really need them? I know many London escorts who are totally addicted to luxury brands. When you work for an elite London escorts like I do, the men who like to enjoy our company, like to give us luxury gifts. Some girls who work for affordable escorts have received thousands of pounds of gifts over the years. They either sell them or keep them. It is great, but do we really need luxury brands such as Gucci or Loius Vuitton? Sometimes I think that there is more to life.

Top Luxury Brands And London Escorts

I do have some things that I really like. For instance, I have been given a couple of Hermes bags. Although I think that they are great, I often find myself wondering what else I would do if I had the sort of money I could buy a Hermes bag. Some of the best Hermes bags can cost thousands of pounds. One of the bags that I was given when I first joined this elite London escorts service, cost as much as my car. To me, that is totally incredible and I really don’t understand how someone can have that much money.

What Else Could You Do With Your Money?

If you have enough money to buy luxury brands, there are many other things you could do with your money. For the price of a handbag, you could help some of London’s homeless people. I see many homeless people in London when I am on way home from late London escorts dates. The cost of a Hermes bag would go a long way to feeding some of these homeless people in London. It is rather frightening to think about how much money is wasted on luxury goods. I know many London escorts who will only buy designer brands. That is not for me, I would never dream of spending that sort of money on clothes, perfumes and bags.

Do This When You Have Too Many Bags

When you work for a London escorts agency and end up with too many bags, you can sell them. I seldom use the bags that I have been given. Instead I keep them in the bags that I have put them in and I place them in the back of my wardrobe. If you look after them very well and make sure they don’t wear out, luxury brand bags are worth a lot of money. Specialist shops in London will buy or you can contact a pawnbroker. That is what many London escorts do. It is one of the fastest ways to sell a luxury handbag.

I have sold a couple of my bags. A few of the bags, even helped me to pay for the deposit on my flat. I think if it was not for London escorts, I would not have had the chance to buy my own flat in London. For that I will be forever grateful. I know that the luxury bags helped, but in general, I really do not think that we need to have luxury handbags. The way they are manufactured even make the environmental pollution worse. In other words, they do not only cost a lot of money, the environment plays a hefty burden for our love of luxury brands.